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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Raj Infotech Solutions


Raj Infotech Solutions
(Website Development Company)

About This Company
RAJ INFOTECH SOLUTIONS is a leading web development co. established in year 2008 in India. Since the inception our primary aim has been to provide best out of best services to our clients and satisfy them keeping the time stamp in the mind.
We expertise in Corporate Websites, Multi Tier Websites, Web Application Development, Dynamic/Interactive Websites and Multimedia Presentation. We also expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other Web Promotion activities.
We are also successfully implementing E-Commerce Development. Custom and Open Source such as, OSCommerce and ZenCart.

Too often websites are created by web designers that havelittle or no understanding of the commercial needs of businesses. What you need is a website that works!
Raj Infotech Solutions how to make a website a valuableasset for your business - generate leads, Increase sales, and positioning your business as an industry expert

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Portfolio :

Web Hosting :
We Offer quality and affordable Web Hosting. Both of our Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting are avaliable on affordable prices.
RAJ INFOTECH SOLUITONS, a Web Hosting company in india offers quality, affordable Web Hosting in india for individuals, small business and corporate companies. We are offering 100% reliable quality Web Hosting on linux and windows 2003 servers for personal and business web sites.

Email Hosting :

Personalise and brand your Email address with our ready to use Email Hosting packages avaliable at very affordable prices without compromising with quality of the servers.
Our Email Hosting Packages start form 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 emails in a pack, With the wide range of Email Hosting Packages you will never have to plan your package.
If your needs are personal or large, you have full featured system provided to tailor make your Email Hosting Packages as per your requirment and class.

Domain Name :
Register Domain Names Online with RAJ INFOTECH SLOUTIONS. Domain Names we offer are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .in, .co.uk, .co.in and many other extensions and TLDs. RAJ INFOTECH SOLUTIONS offers these Domain Names at very attractive prices. You can Search, look up, check, reserve, purchase, register, back-order Domain Names, internet / Web addresses, URLs for any country in the world from RAJ INFOTECH SOLUTIONS.

Search Engine Optimization :
Marketing is a science of understanding and learning from feedback relations, and we plan to situate ourselves in the best possible way in order to handle this. The most important issue in building the foundations of the marketing of the website is to establish quality content, properly and optimally organized, and quality links to the website.
The link strategy done along with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the most secure way of getting customers to your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the web pages in order for the website to be listed in high place in the major search engines. This is achieved by both modifying the content and details of the website and also by organizing a proper link popularity enhancement.
In detail, we can setup the following set of tasks which will be necessary for organizing the marketing of your website and business.
Web site analysis: The concrete analysis on how to improve on your website in both usability and effectiveness.
Keyword organization: A full set of keywords will need to be selected. A special keyword analysis will be performed based on popularity and target audience from data of the major search engines. This will give us a rather long and broad list of keywords and key phrases, which will be used in all the marketing attempts we will cover now and in the future.
Link Strategy organization and execution: This will also act as a very important role on its own as well as is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will work on increasing the inbound links to your website by submissions to general and special directories, but also by organizing a link strategy that will offer both links and targeted visitors. The large competition in the field makes this issue even harder due to the presence of many link farms. It is important that we investigate every link in detail so that we will avoid getting banned from search engines. We will manage all contacts with the websites in order to get the maximum number of links to your website in the form that is optimal for your keywords and business.
PPC Campaign. An alternative way of getting high prominence in Search Engines is the use of Pay-Click campaigns that can be used as a secure method for attracting visitors or even at the early stages of the SEO until the website is listed in high ranks. Smaller PPC services may also offer very good results so we can study various options for the promotion of the website. The organization will be done based on the keywords we would select from our initial analysis and will be based on optimizing the results out of each campaign, keyword and click rate.
Full monitoring and reporting. Full reports of current and future progress.
Software integration. Since the website is a type of a directory along with a portal structure it should be properly included in all lists of directories and Search Engines that are present in our software.
I have to stress the fact that all our SEO efforts will be organized in a way to ensure that the website will be crawled deeply (and not just the first or few pages as is often the case). The cross-links, inbound links and related page organization (and at the bottom line the usability) of the website might be appropriately modified in order to achieve this.
These are just the initial steps in the whole process. As was mentioned it is important to monitor the whole process of all the steps and check the results just as they happen. Naturally as this is a completely non-linear world we will modify things as we move along, if necessary.


Your web site is submitted to these major Search Engines and directories:
Yahoo, AOL, Google, AltaVista, MSN, DMOZ, Rediff
Beside these we will also be submitting your site to directories and special interest sites. In general the count may exceed 100 Search Engines & directories. Some of them are regional based. As per your specified location they may be from Australia, USA and UK, & few more...

Websites :

Corporate Websites Dynamic Websites
Multi-Tier Websites ECommerce Solutions Interactive Websites Portals
RAJ INFOTECH SOLUTIONS develops user-friendly easy to use and navigate websites having dynamic or professional look and feel as per the requirment.
RAJ INFOTECH SOLUITONS has an experienced and good team of web designers and the programmer’s that’s why our customers never made to be compromised on any thing they say. Our Customer base from various form of business is fully satisfied with our quality work and designing, which we deliver within the settled time stamp.
Beseide developing custom E-commerce Solutions, we also implement Open Source E-Commerce Solutions like OSCommerce and Zencart.

Contact Us :
Raj Infotech Solutions
(Website Development Company)
visit us : http://www.rajinfotechsolutions.com
Contact Person :
Mr. Amit Rajput (+91-9675620282)
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I just need to ask what packages do you offer for firms


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In case of OMR help please contact us

Govind Singh said...

In case of OMR help please contact us


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In case of OMR help please contact us

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